The First Period of the International Media Literacy Olympiad (IMLO 2018) is held in Malaysia

The first International Media Literacy Olympiad, with the participation of Iranian and Malaysian students selected by the Iranian Media Literacy Club in Kuala Lumpur, will be held in Malaysia from March 13 to 22, according to Mehr News Agency.

Given the role of the media in educating futurists in different countries of the world, as well as the importance of empowering teenage audiences against media messages, the global media literacy movement has accelerated in recent years in many countries around the world, especially in the eastern and developing countries. In this regard, Iran’s media literacy club, as one of the pioneers of this field, has been designing and implementing a national and international event with an adolescent audience.

According to the report, the first National Media Literacy Olympiad in Iran was introduced as a country by introducing the gold medal at the Olympiad in the academic year 2017-18


In this regard, the winners of the National Olympiad Gold Medal will compete with a group of selected Malaysian students at IMLO 2018. The competing parts include the presence of several media locations in Malaysia, the presentation of innovative ideas for online literacy education for students in the world in the form of MOOC, the final exam and attendance at one of the most important ICMEDLIT international media literacy conferences (at the university’s Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) will be held.

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