Critical thinking & Media Literacy book published

The book Media Thinking and Literacy was published by the Media Literacy Club
This book has been written by a number of professors of the Scientific Committee of the Olympiad and is taken from the most authoritative global sources in the field of media literacy.

This book is officially taught in all schools in Iran. It is now publicly available and you can download it for free from this page.
This book addresses this issue in five chapters:

  • chapter 1: We and the media
  • chapter 2: Message generation techniques
  • chapter 3: Media unseen issues
  • chapter 4: Recognizing the Audience
  • chapter 5: Media and life style

This book is one of the official source of the International media literacy olympiad (IMLO).

You can download Critical thinking & Media Literacy book from here.

It’s also available on IMLO app that you can download from Google Play store.

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