final round of IMLO 2020 will be held in 6 and 7 of march at Muscat, Oman

The International Media Literacy Olympiad (IMLO) is a student Media Literacy competition hosted by International Media Literacy Club each year in different countries.

The IMLO is an event in which 15-to-19-year-old students take part to be assessed in a multi-part examination of their ability to analyze and think about media messages and their creativity in media-related activities. Lastly, the participants will be awarded gold, silver and bronze medals based on their scores.

The IMLO 2020 will be held in two stages on February and March 2020.

The first stage deals with a free and online multiple-choice test on IMLO app (which is available on Google Play store) which will be taken on 29th February 2020, at 9:00 am (GMT).

All IMLO participants must participate in the first stage test whose score is a part of final score, having effect on the final rank.

The second stage of IMLO 2020 will be hosted on two days Muscat in mid-March 2020. On these two days, well-qualified participants of the first stage will compete with each other in different forms such as multi-media test, short video clip making, AR quiz game, etc.

Attendance in the second stage of this event costs 5 OMR that must be paid in cash while reception time.

Finally, well-qualified participants will be awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals besides cash prizes according to the chart below.

IMLO 2020 sources

Whatever students need for participation in IMLO 2020 is available on the Library & Resources section of the IMLO application. The resources include two main parts;

1st: the Media Literacy textbook with 5 units and 18 lessons in which all media literacy issues have been discussed in a clear and simple way, and it is necessary for any third-millennium-generation youngster to read it!

2nd: a collection of articles on media literacy, written by international activists in this field.

Note that students are not to memorize anything as they does for another lessons such as Literature and Biology! However, a general acquaintance with the content of the resources is enough for participation in this event. We are not going to examine your memory but your thinking and analyzing.

To get more familiar with the type of questions in the first stage, they can use the Exam Simulator section in app.