If you ask your parents what literacy means, they probably say that literacy means the ability to read and write. But, is that really the case? Is literacy still limited to reading and writing ability in 2020? The answer seems to be different now! Most of our lives today are made up of the media. Newspapers, TV shows, movies, social networks like Instagram, Twitter, etc. are all different types of media that affect all aspects of our lives. These new media, in addition to their many benefits, are also followed by some damages such as a variety of frauds, fake news, and…

Media Literacy helps us to get the best out of the media first, to avoid the related dangers, and to improve our media output in the next step.

International Media Literacy Club is an NGO that conducts various activities in the field of media literacy in various countries, including:

  • Media literacy student Olympiad
  • Making television programs about teenagers and media literacy
  • Holding art and media workshops in regional countries
  • Holding international events in the field of media literacy

The IMLO is an event in which 15-to-19-year-old students take part to be assessed in a multi-part examination of their ability to analyze and think about media messages and their creativity in media-related activities. Lastly, the participants will be awarded gold, silver and bronze medals based on their scores. The first course of this event was piloted in Malaysia in 2018


If you are willing to contact with us, you can contact us via:

Email: info[at]imlo.org

WhatsApp & Telegram: (+98)9357044670

Instagram : @imlo_org