Language and translation

  • The official language of the International Media Literacy Olympiad is English and all questions and worksheets will be in English.
  • The officials in each team can translate questions and provide them for their team members.
  • The scientific committee recognizes only the English answer to the questions, and the translation of the answers is the responsibility of each team (supervised by the scientific secretary).

Participating Teams

  • In all taking part teams, in addition to the participants, a person who presents a team is the team leader and must be a person as a team supervisor and be present at the venue.
  • All participants must be 15 to 19 years of age.

Hosting Tasks and Terms

  • The Executive Secretary is obliged to hold the event in accordance with the Statute.
  • The Executive Secretary shall provide a set of “Rules of Procedure” under the Statute and send them to the participating countries at the exact time. These bylaws show the details of the Olympics and the names and addresses of the institutions and persons responsible for the Olympics.
  • The Executive Secretary sets up a detailed race schedule (Schedule participants and their companions, excursions program and, etc.) that is present to the participating countries.
  • The Executive Secretary shall, immediately after the entry of each Board, examine whether the participants have met the requirements of the Tournament.
  • The Executive Secretary should designate a guide for each team.
  • The Executive Secretary prepares awards (diplomas and medals), certificates and special gifts for the winners of the competition.
  • The Executive Secretary is obliged to hold an inaugural event that will inform all participants of the event, its stages, rules and more.
  • After the event, the Executive Secretary is obliged to hold a closing ceremony in which the winners of the medals are announced.


  • All costs and arrangements for attending the event prior to arriving at the host city (travel tickets, visas, etc.) shall be borne by the participating team.
  • Each participating team must pay to the Executive Secretary an entry fee for the event.
  • The cost of registration varies depending on the host country and in any period, each secretary determines the cost.
  • 25% of the registration fee is paid by the President and the rest of the money is left to the executive secretary to fund the event.
  • All expenses for all persons attending the event (including the President, the Secretary, two of the President’s associates, the participating teams and the Scientific Committee members) in the Host City (accommodation, transportation, feed, etc.) shall be borne by the Executive Secretary.
  • Teams can no use host services. The Executive Secretary should then deduct the service fee from the registration fee and return it to the teams.
  • All expenses incurred by the President, Secretary and two companions to the host country, including ticket costs, visa fees, etc. are borne by the Executive Secretary and must be covered by the registration fee.
  • The hosts are responsible for supplying medals, plates, and awards according to the promotional attachment.

Model of exams

The IMLO Competition Tests consist of four formal sections and one optional section (available to the scientific secretary).

  1. The first part is a pre-test, which will be held online in February before the main competition under the IMLO application. The date of the pre-test in each period shall be specified by the Secretary.
  2. The second part is a descriptive Multimedia test. Multimedia means that participants must use different media and answer the questions based on them.
  3. The third part is a practical test. The practice test can include various tasks such as producing multimedia content such as clips, podcasts, posters or a variety of test games such as augmented reality test games, escape rooms, and more.
  4. In the fourth section, the subject is selected by the scientific secretary, and participants must complete worksheets appropriate to the topic outside of their team format and by forming a new team along with other participants.
  5. The scientific secretary (if desired) can choose one of the issues of his country’s media day And create a discussion panel about it and then get spreadsheets as a solution from the participants.


Design questions

  • All preparatory stages, including technical infrastructure and design of the questions, are provided by the secretary and the secretary holding the pre-test.
  • Half of the multimedia descriptive exam questions are designed by the scientific secretary and the other half by the other members of the scientific committee.
  • The design of the practical part is entirely the responsibility of the scientific editor.
  • The design of the worksheet in Section forth is entirely done by the scientific committee.



  • The pre-test will have between 5 and 10 marks.
  • The multimedia descriptive test will score between 30 and 50.
  • The practical test will have between 20 and 40 marks.
  • The fourth section will have between 10 and 20 points.
  • The Media Issues section will score between 10 and 20.
  • The exact score of each section will be determined by IBM once the questions are finalized.

Medals & Diploma

The individual participants will receive certificates and medals or honourable mentions in accordance with the criteria below:

  • The reference score M is defined as the lower of 50% of the absolute score, and the median total score, of all the contestants.
  • The participants whose score is more than 1.6M will receive certificates and gold medals.
  • The participants whose score is 1.3M or more but less than 1.6M will receive certificates and silver medals.
  • The participants whose score is M or more but less than 1.3M will receive certificates and bronze medals.
  • For honourable mention certificates, the reference score as defined above will be applied separately for theoretical (MT) and practical (MP) parts. Any participant who has not been awarded a medal, but whose score in either one of these parts is above the respective reference score (MT or MP), will receive an honourable mention certificate.
  • The remaining participants will receive certificates of participation.
  • In each of the categories above, through majority vote, the International Board can adjust the position of the cut-off by up to two positions, i.e. include or exclude two students at the boundary of the respective category. When doing so the International Board should give preference to placing the cut-off at a natural break in the distribution of scores.
  • The participant who obtains the highest score (the Absolute Winner) will receive a special prize and a certificate.
  • Other special prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the secretary


  • Any changes to the text of the Executive Statute require the vote of an absolute majority (two out of three) of the Scientific Committee.
  • If the votes in the Scientific Committee are equal in any decision, the final vote is with the president.